A Year Has Passed….

 One year ago, almost to the day, I promised my Sahaj readers a website where they would be able to download PDF and ebook versions of the series. As you can see, I have failed to keep my promise, and for that I am sorry.

Back in July of 2016, I opened this WordPress site and fiddled around with learning its widgets and gadgets. Part of presenting my work to the public included a third – no, fourth – rewrite of The Ambassador’s Son,  the original short story that introduced the Sahaj series, and which had morphed into a novel.  I optimistically named my file “Ambassador 2015.”

It had also been named TAS 1978, 1981, and 1995.  It is now TAS 2017.

At the end of August 2016, I returned to my profession as a teacher of sophomore English at the prestigious Little Rock Central High.  Challenged by an increasingly debilitating disease, I found I needed to have my service dog, Phoebe, help me in the classroom. I won’t go into details, but there were issues with my school district and my administrator. A decision was made to forbid me to have her. Disability laws were on my side, but I decided not to fight it because I loved my school and didn’t want to put Central in a bad light. That started a downslide in my health to the point that I finally retired at semester and moved to Massachusetts, to be near family and friends.

As my dear friend and former upstairs neighbor, Sheryl Dykes is fond of saying, long story short, not so much has gotten done with all the turmoil a move across the country entails.

BUT… there is a new Sahaj story, entitled “For The Good Of The Child,” a prequel to TAS. Also, the 2017 version of The Ambassador’s Son is just about ready for publication… again.  Please don’t give up hope. It will happen.

Now, about those widgets and gadgets…..


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