The Check Is In The Mail

Due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control, the launch date for my website has turned into a TBA.

This happens just as I am doing final editing on rereleases on the following stories. Thank you, Universe. You have a weird sense of humor.

Anyway, for the time being, we’re going to have to do this old school. I’ll give you a list of stories and the suggested contribution, which will go to the Massachusetts Home For Crazy Old Ladies (who still write kid stories for adults) AKA, expenses incurred in maintaining this website.  However, if the asking contribution is out of your reach, just send me an email and we’ll talk. I am not looking to make money off this website. I am looking to have it support itself and to make my small contribution to the continuation of the Star Trek Universe.

Once I get this going, I will provide both a PayPal and Venmo link for your convenience. Once you make your selection and make your donation, please email me (link to come) and let me know which story(ies) you want and in what format (.pdf. MOBI, general ebook.) Keep in mind that I am at the beginning of the learning curve about producing ebooks, and I don’t promise perfection in format. Back to what I was saying about ordering. Once I get your email I will email your order as attachments. If you are ordering for your kindle please provide your kindle email address.

NONE OF THIS IS OPERATIONAL YET. THIS IS ONLY A ‘HEADS UP.’ I’m trying to figure out how to show the stories below. It is not right. I know.


 TITLE                                   STAR     HAJ’S    PLOT SUMMARY

                                                                DATE     AGE                                                       

1, Dedication,                                   2225,      -32         Sarek and Amanda get married.

2, “Loved I Not Honour More”,          2257,          0         Spock and T’Marr

3, “Stormbringer”,                              2257,        0.1,      T’Marr learns she is preggo

4, “The Price of Silence,”                   2261,        3.5       T’Marr manipulates Gill into fostering Haj

5, “Interlude”                                       2263          5,0      Sahaj learns his biological father is a starfleet officer

6, “For The Good Of The Child”        2268,       10.5      Jeremy Gill’s 43 birthday

7, The Ambassador’s Son,                2268,       10.5      Aboard the big E, Sahaj finds his biological father

7. “Without Pomp Or Circumstance”       2268        10.5,    (Has been rolled into TAS)


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