1977 – SequesterCon Too.

I was Leslye Lilker, then, talking about the Sahaj Universe in the slot between Lorrah’s NTM, and Lichten-berg’s Kraith.

1978 – Awarded Fan Q Quality Writer (and Alice Jones for artist) at T’Con.

now known as Leah Charifson, 2018

“So I decided that Spock would be forced to accept his mixed heritage if he had a child.”

Therefore, with the powers invested in me as a writer, one day, in the fourth year of the first mission, a ten-year-old hoodlum appeared on the transporter platform. His first words, at that historic first meeting with his biological father: “Take your logic and shove it widthwise.”

And thus began the struggle for them both to find their ways in this new relationship.

And in 2015, after a break of 40 years, the saga was resumed, with rewrites of the old stories and the creation of some new, all with the end goal of publishing, in chronological order by Sahaj’s age at the time of the story.


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