He Who Is Close To Nature (11.6)

Sahaj learns about the ancient warrior for whom he is named. Cover artwork only, by Alice L. Jones. Originally published 1977.


The Forging (11.8)

With artwork by Alice L. Jones. Spock takes Sahaj on a trip across the Sasashar Desert, just the two of them. Then Jim joins them and he takes Sahaj to Earth. After a week with the Kirks Sahaj winds up with the McCoys. And then back to Vulcan. Winner of 1978 Fan Q writer/artist awards. New scenes have been added to this novel.


Sanctuary (11.9)

After a little more than a year of living on Vulcan, Sahaj learns the secret of living with 'monsoon madness' and draws closer to Sarek in the process. Formerly called Miscellanea, in IDIC #6. Now revised with new scenes.


The Bronze Cord (11.9)

Ambassador Jeremy Gill, Sahaj's foster father, travels on the Enterprise to his new post on Vulcan, where he meets Spock for the first time. Originally published 1983, now rewritten with new scenes.