THE TIPPING POINT – Down The Rabbit Hole, Part One

DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE” begins on the day before Sahaj’s twelfth birthday, when he plans to begin his kahswan. He’s finding that adopting Vulcan tradition is easier said than done – especially when surprise visitors descend on Val'jn'd'jt, and he is trapped in a snare of his own making…. Be sure to specify epub, mobi, or pdf in your order.


Guardian & Crossroads

Coming soon - do not order yet


Interstellar Babysitters, Inc.

A satirical look at the illegitimate child- placed- in - Sarek -and- Amanda's - care genre. written- by Eileen Roy and Leslye Lilker. First published in Warped Space 28 (8/1977). Illustrated by Gordon Carlton PDF only


Nothing Fishy Going on Here

A lighthearted look at the mystery surrounding the disappearance of the Zebatian's god, Could Sahaj be the thief? Written especially for punsters. First published 2017.


And The South Shall Fall Again

Coming soon. Amanda takes 'her Vulcans' to visit her family on Earth.