CHRONOLOGY (-38 to 10.11)




Dedication (-38)

This is the Sahaj Universe novella explaining how Amanda met Sarek, and why, at the time, getting married was the logical thing to do. It's been updated. Artwork by PS Nim.




The Prequels (0 – 10.4)

These are the stories from Sahaj's conception to the last story before he boards the Enterprise. "Loved I Not Honour More" - Kern (0.0) "Stormbringer" - Stevenson (.2) "Debut" - Charifson (2.0) (new) "Price of Silence" - Lilker (2.9) "Interlude" - Lilker (7.0) "For the Good of the Child" (10.4) (new) Artwork by Alice Jones.


The Ambassador’s Son (10.4)

This novel tells the story of Sahaj and Spock's first meeting. Sahaj's first words to his father? "Take your logic and shove it width-wise!" And thus the two begin the often stormy and very long journey of creating a familial relationship. Artwork by Alice Jones, PS Nim. This is the extensively revised version of the story originally published in IDIC #1, in 1975.


The Early Days Part 1 (10.43- 10.5)

These three stories take place immediately after THE AMBASSADOR'S SON, and follows Sahaj on his first days on Vulcan. Artwork by PS Nim and Gee Moaven. © 1975 Sasashar Press © 2018 Sasashar Press ISBN 978-1-64136-036-4


The Early Days Part 2 (10.6)

Upgraded version of the 1975 novella , "The Price of A Thousand Horses." Contains new material. In an effort to help his son adjust to life on Vulcan, Spock promises a home visit in which Sahaj will have his undivided attention. And then Sarek taps Spock to assist in a matter of political import. This does not go over well.


The Early Days Part 3 (10.8 – 11)

"Twilight and Evening Bells" "And Watch Til Daylight comes." "House Rules - Sahaj" -- In spite of the evidence, Sahaj refuses to believe the report that Spock has been killed while on a mission.


The Early Days Bundle: Parts 1,2,3

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