Sanctuary Leslye Lilker

  • With a word count of 22,460, this former series of vignettes (Miscellanea 1-9 in IDIC #6) has been rewritten and now qualifies as a novella. This should not be a surprise to anyone who knows me, because I don't write short. The story picks up at the end of The Forging, with Spock returning to Starfleet, and follows Sahaj's first few days as he endeveours to keep his promise to practice Vulcan traditions. Sarek and Amanda and even his human, foster brother, try to help him make the transition in spite of secrets needing to be kept, and 'monsoon madness.' Original artwork by Alice Jones and P.S. Nim is included. This is Gematria 11.9, shortly before Haj's 12th birthday. Sanctuary  is available in mobi, epub, and pdf. When you order, you will be taken to paypal, where you may choose to donate via credit card or your paypal account. You will set the amount you are willing and able to donate. You will then be returned to the website for the download. If there are any problems please contact me at I will make it right.   Leah Charifson (AKA, Leslye Lilker)
  • Sasashar Press
  • November 18, 2019