The Early Days – Part Three

The Early Days - Part Three Leslye Lilker

  • These three stories pick up nine months after "The Price of A Thousand Horses."  Sahaj is now eleven years old. Includes: artwork (Signe Landon, Alice Jones, and Gee Moaven, to name a few,) a variety of poetry, and the three stories that come before The Forging in the Sahaj series: "Twilight and Evening Bells" "And Watch 'Til Daylight Comes" "House Rules - Sahaj" These stories were originally published in 1975 but have been updated and revised. Donate in any amount to download. You will be able to set the amount once it lands on PayPal. There will be an option for credit or debit cards on the PP site. If you are unable to donate, please contact   He promises to provide the missing piece.
  • Sasashar Press
  • March 2, 2018
  • 120 pages