Here’s a simple step-by-step method:

  1.  Find the ebook you want and click on DETAILS, which appears beneath the cover.
  2. There may be instruction included in DETAILS.
  3.  FREE DOWNLOADS: will begin immediately, without taking you to PAYPAL. Most likely, these will only be available in .PDF format
  4. DONATE TO DOWNLOAD: see #1, then click on DOWNLOAD. You will be taken to a screen that asks for a unit price. Fill in whatever amount you are able and comfortable giving. All donations go to website maintenance. From there you will be taken to PAYPAL, where you will pay by your account or by credit card. Then you’ll be taken back to the website to download. You have 3 free downloads for your personal use, so if one type doesn’t work for you, try another.
  5. PAY TO DOWNLOAD:  see#1, then follow the instructions for #4, only the price will automatically appear.
  6. KINDLE DOWNLOADS: The elephant in the room.
    • Use your kindle email address for your id
    • Add Leah Charifson and Sasashar Press to your approved senders list on your kindle
    • Download and synch
    • If you don’t see your file on the preview scroll, go to DOCUMENTS and look for Leah,. Leslye, or Sasashar Press, if the title doesn’t show up.
    • If none of that works, email me at  and I’ll get you taken care of.