How fascinating that in 1975, while I (Lilker) was creating a 10-year-old son for Spock on the east coast, Eileen Roy was creating a 10-year-old-son for Kirk on the west coast.  Inevitably, Eileen and I crossed paths. Eileen used the backdrop of Kraith (with permission of Jacqueline Lichtenberg) to set the story of how Kirk, now “adopted” into Spock’s family, finds himself enmeshed in parenthood. There are five parts to the story. This is the original, as published in Connie Faddis’ Interphase (1975) and includes copies of Faddis’ beautiful illios for the story. All permissions granted.

Eileen is in the process of rewriting her series and whenever she’s ready, Jai 2018 (working title) will have a home here, on Sahaj’s page.

Scroll down to get the stories. No charge and you have the option of downloading “Interstellar Babysitters” at the same time, also free.

Kirk's Challenge Eileen Roy

  • Sassashar Press is delighted to be able to present pdf reprints of the complete Eileen Roy's Kirk's Challenge series, written in the  KRAITH Universe, and profusely and beautifully illustrated by Connie Faddis.  These stories originally appeared over three issues of Faddis' ground-breaking fanzine,  Interphase (1975). There is much gratitude for permissions given by Connie Faddis, Jacqueline Lichtenberg, and, of course, Eileen Roy.  
  • Sasashar Press
  • September 24, 2017
  • 87 pages