This book is for anyone who has ever had a ‘heart’ dog. You know, the special one who could almost read your mind, the one with whom you shared a special connection.  The one you still miss every day.

Sander’s Book is the journey taken by Connie Burnet, as she fought to make her Sheltie, Sander, comfortable after his diagnosis of bone cancer, and given one month to live. Connie shares what she learned: a new way of optimizing health which extended Sander’s life for a happy, comfortable, seven and a half years!

Like the lunch meat Connie used to wrap Sander’s pills, there is a wealth of information about natural rearing of dogs, concealed in a most readable book, but you can skip all that and still enjoy a bittersweet ‘dogmance.’

77 pages.

This is the original .pdf with color cover and color photographs, as published in 2006 – with permission of the author.

Price: $4.00, with half going to support this website, and the other half to be donated to various pet rescues (TBA). No profit is being made on the sale of this book.

At the present time, only the pdf version is available.


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