REVIEW: Star Trek Continues

by Leslye Lilker


Wish the original five year mission had been completed? It has been, in this 11 episode webseries that will satisfy even the most nitpicking of TOS fans! Describe STC in one word? Authentic!

Vic Mignogna is the driving force behind this professional-grade, mostly fan-funded series. Multitalented, he produced, directed, created the musical scores, worked on the sets, and is probably the most faithful-to-Bill Shatner-Kirk (without the hyperbole) that has come along ­– and that includes the reboots. Voice-over actor Todd Haberkorn makes a most believable Spock, and the second actor in the role, Chuck Huber, a most convincing McCoy. Add Chris Doohan, the son of our own Jimmy D. as Scotty, Grant Imahara, Kim Stinger, and Wyatt Lenhart as Sulu, Uhura, and Chekov, respectively, and the original cast is reverentially represented.

A new crew person is introduced: Lt. Elyse McKenna, PhD, the ship’s first counsellor. She is likeable, three-dimensional, a great representative for women, and totally believable. We also see more of the Lt. Barbara Smith character, who appeared in “Where No Man Has Gone Before.”  The ship’s voice is none other than Marina Sirtis and Erin Gray plays an Admiral. Also look out for Michael Dorn, Lou Ferrigno, John DeLancie, Amy Rydell (daughter of Joanne Linville) and Michael Forrest. Of special note is Sarai Duenas, who will steal your heart the moment you see her.

The episodes carry forth TOS theme categories based in morality and ethics. The writing is crisp, laced with both humor and pathos. The science is logical. The best of these outstanding episodes is the two-parter, episodes 10 and 11, “To Boldly Go.”

With fabulous sets created from original TOS blueprints, amazing cast and crew, and dynamic scripts, Star Trek Continues does boldly go, and even more than authenticity, does it with love. Highly recommend!!!

Here’s the link to the STC webpage. This is the one to their FB group. Do check it out for yourself. You won’t regret it.