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Sander's Book Connie Burnet

  • Learn how a Sheltie owner turned his death sentence into life, and the lessons that were learned along the way.
  • November 6, 2017
  • 77 pages

Without Pomp Or Circumstance Leslye Lilker

  • Originally published in Sahaj Collected, 1977, this is the story immediately following The Ambassador's Son.  The 2017 version, available here, has been rewritten and expanded. Monsoon season is about to start - on all levels, as Spock brings Sahaj home to Sarek and Amanda. 45 pages long. Illustrations by P.S. Nim and Gee Moaven. Cover art by Alice Jones. This is a donate to download story. When you order you will be taken to paypal, where you will be asked to fill in your donation amount. I am asking a minimum of $1.00. You may either pay by credit card or your paypal account. Please, if you are using a kindle,you MUST use your kindle email address, and add Leah Charifson and Sasashar Press to your approved sender list. You will have the opportunity to download 3 times, so if the mobi doesn't work for you, then download the pdf. [ebook_store ebook_id="720"]
  • Sasashar Press
  • 45 pages

Kirk's Challenge Eileen Roy

  • Sassashar Press is delighted to be able to present pdf reprints of the complete Eileen Roy's Kirk's Challenge series, written in the  KRAITH Universe, and profusely and beautifully illustrated by Connie Faddis.  These stories originally appeared over three issues of Faddis' ground-breaking fanzine,  Interphase (1975). There is much gratitude for permissions given by Connie Faddis, Jacqueline Lichtenberg, and, of course, Eileen Roy.  
  • Sasashar Press
  • September 24, 2017
  • 87 pages

The Ambassador's Son (2017 version) 10.41 Leslye Lilker

  • This is the novelization of the first, admittedly poorly executed version of the short story that appeared in IDIC #1 in 1975. It was expanded in 1977, and in 1995, although it was not published. Who is Sahaj, one might ask. He is Spock's out-of-wedlock son, ten-years-old, with the emotional control of a two-year-old. Spock's job is to prepare Sahaj for life on Vulcan. Sahaj is equally determined never to change. This is my first attempt formatting an e-book novel, and some of the illustrations may "float." For that, I apologize, but if I spend my time nitpicking, I'll never get the series done. 🙂 If there's any problem with the download, please let me know at I will make right whatever went wrong. Oh, I'm Leslye Lilker, Lubkin, Morrow, Leah Charifson   AKA Sahaj's Mama.
  • Sasashar Press
  • September 2, 2017
  • 237 pages

"The Ambassador's Son" - 1977 version (10.4) Leslye Lilker

  • This is the second incarnation of this story, printed as it appeared in Sahaj Collected (1975), complete with typos, underdeveloped scenes and many other imperfections.  PDF only.
  • Sasashar Press

"Nothing Fishy Going On Here" (12.9) Leslye Lilker

  • This stand-alone, just-for-pun short story takes place almost three years after father and son meet for the first time. Those who have followed this series in the 70s and 80s, may see this as a perfectly possible progression in the relationship which started out so poorly in the fourth year of the first five-year mission (The Ambassador's Son.) Please note: “Fishy” was originally drafted in 1980 and revised in 2015. 21161 words (No illustrations)
  • Sasashar Press
  • August 23, 2017

Interstellar Babysitters, Inc. Eileen Roy, Leslye Lilker

  • Authors Eileen Roy and Leslye Lilker take their readers on a satirical stroll along their separately-chosen genre. What would our very busy captain (Eileen) and his sometimes busy first officer (Leslye) do if confronted with unexpected offspring? (Originally published in Warped Space 28, Aug. 1977. Reprinted in Memory Alpha’s The Best of Amanda and Sarek, 1978)  (word count: 2681)
  • Sasashar Press

Sahaj Collected: The Prequels 0.0 - 10.4 Trinette Kern, Eileen Roy, Leslye Lilker

  • This collection of stories is for people who are linear and therefore like to read in chronological order. Each story in the series (saga?) has a number behind the title, which corresponds to Sahaj’s age during the story. The series is sometimes referred to as “Gematria”, which is Hebrew for ‘numbers.’ The number provides an easy way to remember what happened when. Prequels contains the stories relating to Gematria 0.0 (Sahaj's conception) through 10.4, ending just before the beginning of The Ambassador's Son. In addition to the first, already published stories, there are two new stories included.  Limited artwork by PS Nim and Alice Jones.  About 77 pages.    
  • Sasashar Press
  • 77 pages